R.M.S. Lusitania

1993 Expedition



A special thanks to Bill Sauder whose knowledge and expertise in the construction and design of Lusitania proved to be invaluable during the expedition.  Without him, many of the items we found would never have been identified and many of the conclusions reached would not have been possible.  Thanks also to Dan Knowlton who has been a source of constant support, to Chris Sauder for his review and criticism of the article, and to Paddy O’Sullivan and his wife Del for kindly opening their home to us during our stay in Ireland.

I would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their kindness during the expedition and for their assistance in making this article possible: Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ballard, Martin Bowen, Delta Oceanographics, Bob Elder, Rick Gioia, Chris Ijames, Cathy Offinger, Dave Slater, and Rich Slater.

Finally, thanks to Ken Marschall. It was only through his kindness and generosity that my dream of seeing Lusitania became a reality.  It was an experience that few others have shared and one which I will never forget.



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