R.M.S. Lusitania

1993 Expedition




Delta, The Little Yellow Submarine





Length Overall:  15 6


Height Overall:  6


Hull Diameter:  36


Operating Depth:  1200 (355m)


Tested Depth:  1750 (534m)


Weight:  5000 lbs


Viewports:  19


Top Speed:  3.5 knots


Cruising Speed:  1.5 knots


Life-support:  144 man-hours





Manipulators:  Hydraulic and Mechanical Arms


Sampling Devices:  Slurp Gun, Corers, Grabs, Water Samplers


Continuous Data Collector:  Salinity, pH, Temperature, Depth, Direction, Attitude


Communication:  VHF Radio, Underwater Telephone, EPIRB


Photographic:  External Bulk Loaded 35mm Camera, Internal Hand-held 35mm Camera,


Two external Strobes, External Hi-8mm Video System with data logger, Internal Hi-8mm Video System


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