An extremely rare photo of Olympic flying the double house flags of Cunard and White Star circa 1934. 

Photo from R.M.S. Lusitania: The Ship & Her Record by Eric Sauder.  Courtesy Brian Hawley.

R.M.S. Olympic



Presented here for the first time on the internet is the full text of the 1935 auction catalogue for the dispersal sale of White Star's Olympic.

In the course of transcribing this catalogue, a number of obvious errors have been corrected, e.g., misspellings, incorrect lot numbers, etc.  Some punctuation has also been changed for ease of reading although this does not alter the meaning of the description.

As time permits, photos and additional information will be added to theses pages to allow a fuller understanding of what was sold and, if known, where the items are today.

Eric Sauder and Brian Hawley


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