R.M.S. Olympic - Shields Gazette, Friday, 13 December 1991


Olympic’s Relics Go Under The Hammer 

Relics from the sister ship of the ill-fated Titanic, which was broken up at Palmer’s Shipyard in Jarrow, went under the auctioneer’s hammer today.

There has been interest from all over the world in the sale of fittings from the Olympic, a passenger ship launched the year before its infamous sister ship sank.

The ship was eventually brought to Palmer’s Shipyard during the depression to be dismantled, in what was one of the last jobs ever carried out at the famous yard.

An auction of items from the ship was held at Newcastle auctioneers Anderson & Garland today.

Mr. Andrew McCoull, a partner with the firm, said collectors from all parts of the world had expressed interest in the auction.

Although the Titanic tragedy is now a famous part of history, it was the Olympic which was originally most celebrated when it was launched at the Belfast yard of Harland & Wolff, while the Titanic left the same yard with relatively little ceremony seven months later.




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