R.M.S. Olympic - Sunderland Echo, Wednesday, 18 December 1991


Big Money for Barnyard Treasures

A collection of steamship fittings which had lain in a barn since they were bought in Jarrow in 1935 staggered Tyneside auctioneers when they fetched more than £30,000.

Andrew McCoull of auctioneers Anderson and Garland said:  “The fittings were from the SS Olympic―sister ship of the ill-fated Titanic―so interest in them since we first announced they were in the sale has been phenomenal.

“But the figure realised for what until this summer was just a pile of what looked like dusty old pieces of wood in a dilapidated barn in Northumberland has been truly astonishing.”

The lion’s share of the fittings was bought by American Ken Marschall on behalf of the US-based Titanic Historical Society and a number of other collector friends in the States.

His top bid was £9,000 for an assortment of columns and bases from the first class entrance hall and main staircase on the promenade deck―14 pieces in all―which will end up in the Titanic Society’s headquarters in Massachusetts.




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