R.M.S. Olympic - The Journal, Saturday, 14 December 1991


An Auction to Remember

Maritime artist Ken Marschall traveled half way round the world to pay £8,000 for a piece of history.

Mr. Marschall of Los Angeles was in Newcastle yesterday for the sale of parts of the Olympic―sister ship of the Titanic―after being alerted to the sale by an article in The Journal.

He bought a set of wooden columns which he hopes to restore to their former glory, cabin doors, a set of gilt brass light fittings and a host of other relics.

The columns and bases from the ship’s entrance hall and main staircase had been gathering dust in a rundown Northumberland barn until it was decided to auction them again.

Mr. Marschall also photographed and took details of every piece on sale at Anderson and Garland to take home for fellow members of the 5,000 strong Titanic Historical Society.

Capable of carrying 3,000 passengers, the 882 ft long Olympic with a 94 ft wide deck and weighing 45,000 tonnes was the largest ship in the world.

The vessel was broken up in Jarrow after doing more than two million miles with a top speed of 24 knots and the first auction was also held in Newcastle in 1935.




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