R.M.S. Olympic - 1991 Auction

Following is the complete catalogue for the auction of fittings from the R.M.S. Olympic held at Anderson & Garland, Newcastle, on 13 December 1991.  This auction caused quite a stir in the maritime community because this was the first time since the 1935 dispersal sale that a large number of fittings had been available for purchase.



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Period Interior Renderings

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Lots 1415 - 1425

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Lots 1426- 1441

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Photos for Lot 1439 & Misc. Paneling

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Lots 1442 - 1444

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Lot 1445

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Lot 1446

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Lots 1447 - 1451

Addendum to catalogue Gallery of 1991 auction photos
Additional auctions and period articles





This catalogue is reproduced through the kind permission of Andrew McCoull of


Anderson & Garland

Anderson House

Crispin Court, Newbiggin Lane

Westerhope, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE5 1BF


Catalogue text and photos of auction lots copyright Anderson & Garland, 1991.

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