R.M.S. Olympic - 1998 Auction


Lot 863


862  Two drawings from the “White Star Competition 1925-26” designs for a lounge in linen fold panelled oak with fireplace and overmantel tapestry, scale ½ in. to 1 ft., thwartship section titled “Humpty Dumpty” and a ceiling plan with sky lights for the same room. (2)

863  A fine White Star Line electroplated oval shaped fruit bowl by Elkington, decorated with acanthus leaf and scallop shell moulding and bearing the White Star Line flag, the underside stamped White Star Line, 16 in. wide bears Elkington holloware nark for 1914.

Provenance:  This bowl is thought to have been purchased at the dispersal sale of fixtures and fittings from the S.S. Olympic, Palmers Yard, Jarrow in 1935.

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864  A copy of the Daily Mirror, Saturday April 20th 1912, the front page devoted to the music and words “Nearer my God to Thee,” the inside pages devoted to first hand accounts of the sinking of the Titanic with general information and photographs of the memorial service for the Titanic victims, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, the centre-spread showing a half-length photograph of Captain E.J. Smith.

865  A pair of limited-edition, signed proof, colour prints after S.W. Fisher “The Titanic at Queenstown, Thursday 11th April 1912”, signed in pencil by Eva M. Hart and Bertram B. Dean survivors of the wreck of the Titanic; and “The Lusitania at Liverpool”, signed in pencil by Alice M. Drury and Avis G. Foley, survivors of the torpedoing of the Lusitania; in glazed soft-wood frames. (a pair)

866  Original photographs showing the following from the S.S. Olympic, artist's impressions of the gymnasium and swimming pool; wood pattern of the turbine casing, dated in pencil on the reverse 23rd October 1909; last funnel leaving the shop; main condenser port ready for lifting into vessel 8/12/1910; S.S. Olympic and Titanic electric ventilating and heating fans; boiler room telegraph receiver; boiler room telegraph transmitter and stoking indicator; S.S. Olympic boat deck looking aft. October 1910; a view under the vessels bottom showing launchways, shoring, etc. 6th June 1910; Olympic boilers October 1910; Olympic boilers shop; Olympic boat deck looking forward October 1910.

867  A large scale photograph of the S.S. Olympic turbine casing; and a large scale photograph showing the turbine itself.

868  The 15 ton anchor arriving October 1910 with anchor on horsedrawn carriage; a photograph of the R.M.S. Olympic taken immediately after the launch showing the ship being tied up on the dock-side; the Olympic launch 20th October 1910 showing the liner coming stern first out on the slipway with figures on the deck; Olympic and Titanic stern view October 1910; the Olympic with gantry surrounding it, propellers yet to be fitted, the Titanic under construction along side.

869  A small photograph showing the Olympic launch, the ship about to come along side; a photograph of the Olympic about to go into service (touched up).



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