R.M.S. Olympic - 1998 Auction

Lot 872

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Lot 873

Lot 873


872  A quantity of photographs of the Aquitania built by John Brown & Sons, Glasgow, under construction. (qty).

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873  A quantity of original plate photographs of the construction, launch and fittings of the S.S. Mauretania including a photograph of a motor car being driven through the boiler room before fitting into the ship; a view of the bridge with binnacle and telegraphs, various; the 1st class lounge; stern view of the ship nearing completion; a view of the ship having just entered the water during the launch with steam paddle tug and onlookers; a view of the engine room.

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874  A view of the verandah cafe area S.S. Mauretania; a view of a second class four berth cabin; a uniflux surface heater; low pressure turbine rotors in the shop (2); the ships funnels waiting to be lifted into the ship; and a view of the starboard side boat deck at sea, possibly during trials.



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