On MONDAY, the 18th day of NOVEMBER, 1935.





NOTE.—Odd Numbers on Starboard Side, Even Numbers on Port Side throughout the Ship.






CABINS Nos. F139 TO F146. 

3970  The white painted board panelling, enclosing those cabins so marked, with bunks and lavatory fittings where fitted (partly demolished) 


CABINS Nos. F141 TO F143. 

3971  The painted board panelling, enclosing those cabins, with fittings where fixed 


CABINS Nos. F149 TO F158. 

3972  The painted board panelling enclosing those cabins (so marked), with interior fittings where fixed (partly demolished) 

3973  Thirty bunk springs, and a quantity of wood panels 

3974  Thirty bunk springs 

3975  Twelve glazed lavatory basins 

3976  Fourteen ditto 

3977  Seventeen carved light oak dining-chairs, with circular seats, on iron standards 

3978  Fifteen mahogany ditto 

3979  Sixteen ditto 

3980  Two fire extinguishers on brackets, a framed notice, and a ditto plan 



3981  The extended metal and deal lath enclosures and racks to room, 8 ft. high, 50 ft. run, and three padlocks, and a wide twelve-step ladder, and two trolleys 



3982  The blue striped Axminster carpet, about 9 square yards, the  black and white hanging drapery, and a deal stand, two pairs of painted matchboard doors, with locks, and lath partition with gate and lock, and a label bin 

3983  Ten oak and mahogany bedstead parts, four metal lath bases, a luggage rack, a wicker hamper, a couch, four chairs, and sundries 




3984  Two standing boards and the heavy panelled door enclosing the room, with iron mounts, hinges, hasps and screw fasteners, 5 ft. 8 by 3 ft. 8 by 5 ft. 8, 9 in. thick 



3985  Seven standing boards, and the painted door enclosing this compartment 

3986  A Bostwick iron gate to lift entrance, and another unfixed 

3987  The polished pine panelling, with slatted pipe guard and galvanized and wood staging, trays and partitioning to the Fruit, Milk and Butter, Bacon, Ham and Cheese, Groceries, Ship’s Ice and Fish, Ice Room, Vegetables and Poultry and Game, enclosed by seven heavy doors, with iron furniture as Ice Cream Room, and the double white painted door to Groceries 

3988  A hanging two-tier rack, a writing slope, and two standing boards 



3989  An iron fish tank, with wood cover, and a painted hanging cupboard 

3990  A Chas. Parker coffee grinder, in painted encasing on stand 

3991  Twelve electric ceiling lights, with glass shades and guards 

3992  The similar panelling and fixtures to further section, viz.: Eggs, Milk and Butter, Bacon, Ham and Cheese, Fruit, and to adjoining compartment, enclosed by four similar heavy doors, and two painted stalled gates 

3993  The similar panelling and fittings enclosing the Thawing Room section, divided into Fish, Mutton, East-Bound Beef, with meat-rails, enclosed by four heavy similar doors 

3994  Sixteen sections of standing boards 

3995  A slate tank, with wood cover, enclosing a quantity of meat-hooks 

3996  Two large wood ice chests, with galvanized containers and lids 

3997  A deal chopping bench, 5 ft. 6 

3998  A similar ditto, 4 ft. 9 

3999  A ditto, 6 ft. 4 

4000  Two ditto, 5 ft. 8 and 4 ft. 2, and two chopping boards, and a trolley 

4001  Two iron tanks 

4002  The wood racks to Wine Room, with similar door to previous store rooms 

4003  The painted wood panelling where fixed, enclosing Tobacco and Cigars, and two Wine and Spirit Rooms, enclosed by three similar doors 

4004  Two Bostwick iron gates 

4005  Two twelve-section ice block cases, with twenty-four galvanised moulds, the iron bar and wire net and wood panelled enclosure to the ice-making compartment, with door 

4006  The panelling enclosing Flower Compartment alongside, enclosed by heavy door similar to those previously described, with iron gate and enclosure top of staircase 

4007  The iron rail gate to Store Room entrance, top of upward flight 


CABINS Nos. F1-F41. 


4008  One hundred and seventy-three chromium-plated triple hangers, and eighty-three ditto single hangers 

4009  Ninety-six net wall tidies 

4010  Forty-seven mahogany short rods, with plated brackets, and eighty-nine various size curtain poles and rings 

4011  Twenty-five plated sponge racks 

4012  Ninety-eight framed and glazed wall notices, and forty-nine electric light ceiling fittings 

4013  Ten 2 ft. hair mattresses in tick, with linen cases 

4014  A similar lot 

4015  A ditto 

4016  A ditto 

4017  A ditto 

4018  A ditto 

4019  A ditto 

4020  A ditto 

4021  A ditto 

4022  Thirteen ditto

 4023  Fifty hair pillows in tick 

4024  Fifty-two ditto and ten feather ditto 

4025  Fifty-four glass water bottles 

4026  One hundred-and-two white ware chambers 

4027  Nine stained wood six-tread steps, 15 in. plated copper can, Dicks Fire Queen extinguishers, and a forty-two-point electric bell indicator 



CABIN No. F7. 

4028  A 19 in. mahogany lavatory fitment, a mahogany hinged seat, lined tapestry, a 25 in. mahogany wardrobe fitment, with mirror panel, and two mahogany-sided bunks, with chain spring bases 


CABIN No. F9. 

4029  A 3 ft. 3 ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, a 25 in. ditto wardrobe and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F10. 

4030  A 27 in. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F8. 

4031  A 17 in. ditto wardrobe a ditto seat and two ditto bunks 



4032  A 20 in. ditto wardrobe, 3 ft. 4 double lavatory, and four ditto bunks 



4033  A ditto bunk, with six drawers under, and a 6 ft. ditto seat, with tapestry squab 


CABIN No. F2. 

4034  A 20 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. double lavatory fitment, a ditto seat and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F1. 

4035  A 27 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. double lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F3. 

4036  A 21 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. double lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F5. 

4037  A 24 in. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F17. 

4038  A 21 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F15. 

4039  A 26 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F11. 

4040  A 21 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F12. 

4041  An 18 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F14. 

4042  A 28 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F16. 

4043  A 20 in. wardrobe, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 



4044  An enamelled iron hopper, with lead tray and pump, three brass taps and lead piping, and an electric bell installation 


CABIN No. F18. 

4045  An 18 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F19. 

4046  An 18 in. ditto wardrobe, a 41 in. ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F20. 

4047  A 22 in. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F22. 

4048  An 18 in. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F24. 

4049  A shaped wardrobe fitment, a 6 ft. ditto settee, with squab and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F26. 

4050  A 14 in. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F28. 

4051  A similar lot 


CABIN No. F30. 

4052  A 39 in. ditto wardrobe, a 6 ft. ditto settee and squab, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F32.  

4053  A 14 in. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and two ditto squabs 


CABIN No. F34. 

4054  A similar lot 


CABIN No. F40. 

4055  A 44 in. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F38. 

4056  A 3 ft. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F36. 

4057  A 41 in. ditto wardrobe, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F37. 

4058  A 41 in. ditto wardrobe, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F39. 

4059  A similar lot 


CABIN No. F41. 

4060  A 42 in. ditto wardrobe, two 20 in. ditto lavatory fitments, a ditto seat, and four ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F35. 

4061  A 14 in. ditto wardrobe, a 21 in. ditto lavatory fitment, a ditto seat, and two ditto bunks 


CABIN No. F33. 

4062  A similar lot 

4063  The linoleum as planned to State [sic] Cabins Nos. F7, F9, F10, F8, F6, F2, F1, F3, F5, and Stewardess’s Cabin, about 54 square yards 

4064  The ditto to Cabins Nos. F17, F15, F11, F12, F14, F16, and Corridor F1-F12, F6-F16, about 88 square yards 

4065  The ditto to Cabins Nos. F18, F19, F20, F22, F24, F26, F28, F30, F32 and F34, about 44 square yards 

4066  The ditto to Cabins Nos. F40, F38, F36, F37, F39, F41, F35 and F32, and corridors, about 86 square yards 




4067  A patent navy ‘phone, by GRAHAM & Co. 

4068  A bicycle exercising machine and indicator, by SPENCER HEATH, GEORGE, LTD. 

4069  A rowing machine 

4070  A dynamo, by W. H. ALLEN & SON, No. 13924, year 1911, 100 volts, 6¼  amperes, 250 r.p.m., and starter 

4071  A similar dynamo and starter, No. 18920, 1¾ h.p., 17 amperes, 750 r.p.m. 

4072  A ditto and starter, No. 18927, 1 h.p., 100 volts, 10 amperes, 550 r.p.m. 

4073  A smaller ditto, No. 406744, 100 volts, and an electric vaulting machine 

4074  A slow and fast pulley, 17 in. diam., and iron stand, and a pair of hand grips 

4075  A small dynamo, No. 452455, and the electrical fittings to the painted cases 

4076  An iron punch ball, stand, with circular base, a ditto oak platform, six brass coat hooks, and a roll of matting 



4077  Two engine-room telegraph instruments, on brass pedestals (for twin screws) by Ray & Co., Liverpool, fitted with engine indicators and waterproof covers 

4078  A double-dial docking telegraph instrument, on similar pedestal, by RAY & CO., with waterproof cover 

4079  A ditto engine-room telegraph (to Docking Bridge), on similar pedestal and cover 

4080  A teak steering wheel, brass lined, 3 ft. 9 diam., with brass standard, the brass shafting with bevel gears up to the inside wheel, with one plummer block, and waterproof cover, and an Evershed rudder indicator 

4081  A binnacle compass, 10 in. diam., by Kelvin & White, Glasgow, in teak case, and waterproof cover 

4082  A set of three Clay’s safety devices, on pedestals (two on the wings), with lever dial indicators, two indicator dials (to bridge and wheelhouse), and five electric light switches for ditto 

4083  A reverse engine-room telegraph, with double dials, 24 in. diam., on brass pedestal, and waterproof cover 

4084  A marine direction indicator, by McNab, with switch, two painted notices with electric hood lights, two teak tray-top side-tables, 3 ft. 9 wide, and a ditto handrail, on five brass brackets, 19 ft. 6 

4085  Six Laycock plate-glass windows, in iron frames, with two crank winders (to the wings) 

4086  Two electric Morse lamps (over bridge cabs), on iron tripods, and two tappers, in watertight cases 



4087  The installation of “Magneta” electric impulse clocks, comprising: the clockwork master clock, in this room, and forty dials, but excluding two of French ormolu in Lounge 

4088  Four Azimuth compass bearing prism mirrors, Chetwynd’s patent, by Kelvin & White 



4089  A teak steering wheel, 3 ft. 6 diam., with Brown’s patent Telemotor fitting 

4090  A Daylight Blinker signaling lamp, 12 in. diam., on swivel pillar, by Crouse-Hinds 

4091  A Norwegian type fog-horn, in case, with hand crank, and an oil Morse lamp, in copper case, by Newman 

4092  A range of nine “Navyphone” loud-speaking telephones, with indicators, as fitted, the iron-clad boxes, and nine bells above ditto 

4093  A large binnacle compass, in brass and teak case, by Kelvin & White, Glasgow 

4094  A similar ditto to above (on Flying Bridge) 

4095  A mercurial wall clinometer, by Sharman Niell, Belfast, 10 in. diam. 



4096  The binnacle casing in oak, with brass and metal mounts, by Smith & Son, Southampton, with electric fittings and speaking tube, a 3 ft. oak trellis platform, and three loose deck fittings 

4097  A gyro compass repeater, by The Sperry Gyroscope Company, London, on iron tripod base, having electric attachments, metal cover and canvas casing 

4098  A similar lot 

4099  Two 14 in. oak binocular boxes 

4100  Two companion steps as fitted Bridge Deck (Port and Starboard) with twenty-four brass treads 

4101  A 7 ft. 9 painted wood chest, containing canvas awnings, rocket sticks, three large canvas ventilator covers, and two painted canvas ditto 

4102  Four oak and metal cable winders, and three wood stands 

4103  Six wood and rope step ladders, three on Boat Deck 

4104  Six ditto (Boat Deck) 

4105  A 4 ft. 6 by 3 ft. oak chest, containing rockets and distress signaling apparatus, with canvas cover 

4106  Ten 2 ft. painted wood ventilator port hole covers 

4107  Two 24 ft. lengths of wood planking, and seventeen planks in lengths from 13 ft. to 18 ft. 



4108  A 6 ft. by 4 ft, 6 deck life-raft, in sections, and fittings, with canvas cover, and a large canvas ventilator cover 

4109  A similar lot 

4110  The painted canvas surround to Game Deck, 3 ft. high, about 265 ft. run 

4111  Four glazed bulkhead lights and bulbs 



4112  Five 4 ft. 6 by 2 ft. 3 teak doors with metal fittings, enclosing Deck houses 

4113  The painted canvas surround to deck, 3 ft. high, about 240 ft. run 

4114  Seven bulkhead lights, with glass fronts 



4115  A 12 ft. 6 wood case, with two extra covers, and two 2 ft. 3 by 6 ft. teak doors, enclosing hoist house 

4116  THE SHIP’S BELL as fitted over Navigating Bridge 

4117  The Kelvin patent motor-driven sounding machine, and fittings complete (Starboard side) 

4118  A similar lot (Port side) 

4119  A similar lot (Boat Deck, Hoist House) 

4120  A 5 ft, by 4 ft. 6 oak deck grid, a 27ft. run of oak platform, and a boat spar as fitted on Starboard side of Navigating Bridge 

4121  A similar lot (Port side) 

4122  A 6 ft. 6 painted wood flag locker, and a 4 ft. 6 chest, containing two patent fire extinguishers and a quantity of sand 

4123  Thirty-six bulkhead lights, with glazed fronts, nineteen having painted metal screens 

4124  Four electric standards, with bulbs and glass shades, three electric signs, and four painted wood notice boards 

4125  Ten three-tier boat steps, and a pair of steps 

4126  A similar lot 

4127  Three lengths of canvas hose, two nozzles, and two life belts 

4128  A length of rubber hose 

4129  A deck life-raft in sections, with canvas cover 

4130  A similar lot 

4131  A similar lot 

4132  A similar lot 

4133  About 300 ft. run of iron hand rails as fitted in thirty sections 

4134  Ten cabin windows, about 17 in. by 21 in., each inset ¼-in. glass, with brass frames, and upper panes as fitted to Officers’ Cabins 

4135  A similar lot 

4136  Six ditto 

4137  Six ditto, as fitted Port and Starboard ends of Navigating Bridge 

4138  Ten short companion steps to Games Decks, fitted with fifty brass treads, and metal hand rails 

4139  The painted wood erection forming two Deck Houses for motors and electrical gear, with doors and fittings as erected, after end of Boat Deck 



4140  A ship’s life boat, for 86 persons, measuring 30 ft. by 9 ft. 7, complete with oars, spars, tackle and gear 

4141  A similar lot 

4142  A ditto 

4143  A ship’s life boat, for 86 persons, measuring 30 ft. by 9 ft. 7, complete with oars, spars, tackle and gear 

4144  A ditto 

4145  A ditto 

4146  A ditto 

4147  A ditto 

4148  A ditto 

4149  A ditto 

4150  A ditto 

4151  A ditto 

4152  A ditto 

4153  A ditto 

4154  A ditto 

4155  A ditto 

4156  A ditto 

4157  A ditto 

4158  A ditto 

4159  A ditto 

4160  A ditto 

4161  A ditto 

4162  A ditto 

4163  A ditto 

4164  A ship’s life boat for 56 persons, similarly equipped 

4165  A similar lot 

4166  A ditto 

4167  A ditto 

4168  A ditto 

4169  A ditto 

4170  A ditto 

4171  A ditto 



4172  A pair of Welin patent davits by The Welin Davit and Engineering Co., Ltd., with manual and power attachments, with hoisting gear tackle and blocks and wire hoists (Port side) 

4173  A similar lot

4174  A ditto

4175  A ditto 

4176  A ditto 

4177  A ditto (Starboard side) 

4178  A ditto 

4179  A ditto 

4180  A ditto, with rope tackle 

4181  A ditto 

4182  A ditto, without tackle (Port side) 

4183  A ditto 

4184  A ditto 

4185  A ditto 

4186  A ditto 

4187  A ditto 

4188  A ditto 

4189  A ditto (Starboard side) 

4190  A ditto 

4191  A ditto 

4192  A ditto 

4193  A ditto 

4194  A ditto 

4195  A ditto 

4196  The electric Port and Starboard lights, in painted metal, by W.H. Allen & Co., Ltd., Bedford, the electric steaming lights for foremast and mainmast, a ditto stern light, and two Morse lights 

4197  The ship’s sirens as fitted to four funnels, with brass casings 



PANELLED TEAK DOORS (each about 6 ft. long, with brass fittings). 

4198  Two doors 26 in. each with inner door leading to Officers’ Entrances (Port and Starboard Side) 

4199  Two doors, 2 ft. 8, with port-light plate glass in brass casing (First Class Entrances, Port and Starboard), and two similar ditto (to Tourist Class Entrances), with Yale patent pneumatic springs 

4200  Two 2 ft. 8 sliding doors (to Printer’s shop and Stairway), and four smaller doors (to Gymnasium, with Yale patent pneumatic spring, Printer’s, Engineer’s Smoke Room, and Tank Rooms) 

4201  A set of ship’s Port, Starboard and Mast-head lights, fitted for oil 



4202  Four ship’s life belts, four planks, and a luggage trolley 

4203  About 730 ft. run of solid oak deck hand-rail, with brass mounts, in 78 sections 

4204  Fifty-five electric bulkhead lights, with glazed cases (Port Side) 

4205  A similar lot (Starboard Side) 

4206  Twelve electric signs in solid metal frames, glazed, twelve painted notices, and two brass notices as fitted 

4207  A deck raft (in sections), with canvas cover 

4208  A similar lot 

4209  Four lengths of canvas hose, with nozzles 

4210  A similar lot 

4211  A ditto 

4212  Two lengths of ditto, and nozzles 

4213  The brass deck casing, 8 in. wide, as fitted on Port and Starboard Sides 

4214  Six double window fitments, inset ½-in. glass panels, each measuring about 9 in. by 26 in., in solid brass frames, with double upper panes as fitted to First Class State Rooms 

4215  A similar lot 

4216  A ditto 

4217  A ditto 

4218  A ditto 

4219  A ditto 

4220  Eight ditto 

4221  Three 2 ft. 3 wide by 6 ft. panelled teak doors, with brass fittings (enclosing Fans, Smoke Room Locker and Deck Games Store), and a 2 ft. 6 ditto leading to First Class Entrance 

4222  Three 2 ft. 6 ditto, each fitted with glass port-hole in brass frame (First Class Entrances), with patent pneumatic springs 

4223  Three 2 ft. 3 ditto 

4224  Three 2 ft. doors in two sections (Cloak Room, Pantry), and two 2 ft. 3 sliding doors (Crew’s Stairways) 

4225  Fifty-two linoleum-covered treads, to Crew’s Companion Steps from Bridge to “A” Deck, as fitted (Port and Starboard Sides), with four open teak deck grids, and two painted notices 

4226  The painted wood casing, forming Marconi House, with panelled door, with steel inner casing and fittings 

4227  Three sets of companion steps (one from Promenade Deck and two to Lower Decks), as fitted with 32 brass treads and metal hand-rail 



4228  Three 4 ft. double teak doors, each fitted glass ports and brass frames (by First Class Entrances), with Yale patent pneumatic springs 

4229  A similar lot, and a 3 ft. ditto plain (Café Parisien Entrance) 

4230  Forty-four bulkhead lights, with glazed fronts, and four electric glazed sign in metal frames 



4231  About 70 ft. run of teak metal pendants, with brass mounts (in five sections), two nozzles, and two life belts 

4232  Two 2 ft. 6 ventilated teak inner doors, leading to First Class Cabins, with brass fittings, and fourteen 3 ft. by 2 ft. metal window covers 



4233  Six weathered oak deck seats, about 7 ft. 6 wide, with painted solid brass arms (on Sun Deck) 

4234  A similar lot (five on Boat Deck and one on Games Deck) 

4235  A similar lot (three on Games Deck and three on Poop Deck) 

4236  A similar lot (on Poop Deck) 

4237  Four ditto, one on Tourists’ Promenade Deck, and three on After Well Deck 

4238  Five ditto, with iron mounts, one on Sun Deck, and four on Games Deck, Tourist Class 



4239  Seven mahogany and painted wood hospital commodes, and warepans 

4240  A 12 ft. range of deal staging, and the teak scupper gratings as fitted, Port and Starboard Side (in sections) 

4241  Fourteen bulkhead lights, with glazed fronts, and two glazed electric signs, in solid metal frames 

4242  The painted wood erection forming Marconi House, and fittings 

4243  About 80 ft. length of canvas hose, and a patent fire extinguisher, two lengths of canvas fire hoses and nozzles 

4244  A 2 ft. 9 wide panelled teak door, with brass fittings, about 6 ft. long leading to Hospital, and two 2 ft. 6 ditto, First Class entrance, with inner doors fitted wire panels, and Yale patent pneumatic springs 

4245  Six 2 ft. 3 ditto doors, inset glass ports, in brass frames, to Tourists’ Entrance, etc., one having fall flap 

4246  Two small hatch covers for No. 4 hatches, Port and Starboard side, with canvas covers, the loosewood gratings in division as fitted in deck over same, and about 70 ft. run of iron hand-rail, wit brass mountings, in nine sections 



4247  About 110 ft. run of oak hand rail, with brass mounts, in twelve sections, and 13-step companion stairway 

4248  Four iron dead light plates, and five glazed electric signs, in solid metal frames, and ten bulkhead electric lights, with glass ports 

4249  Six panelled teak doors, each fitted glazed port, with brass frame and brass fittings (Tourist Entrance), and Yale patent pneumatic springs 

4250  A 2 ft. 6 panelled teak door, a 3 ft. painted wood door, and a length of canvas hose

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