On MONDAY, the 11th day of NOVEMBER, 1935.





NOTE.—Odd Numbers on Starboard Side, Even Numbers on Port Side throughout the Ship.






1768  Eight pierce ormolu octagonal electric top lights, with moulded glass bowl shades

1769  A similar lot

1770  A ditto

1771  A ditto

1772  A ditto

1773   A ditto

1774  A ditto

1775  Two illuminated electric notices, and sixty-four porcelain top lights 

1776  The inlaid composition flooring, as planned to Passenger Reception Rooms 

1777  The oak wood-block deck flooring to Starboard side of Main Reception Room, about 45 ft. by 33 ft. 6 

1778  A pair of unframed bevelled mirror panels with glass studs, plates 58 in. by 14½ in., and a walnut framed dining table, on reeded tapering legs, 2 ft. 9 by 2 ft. 3, with fiddle and cloth cover 

1779  Two rope and wood ladders, a rope luggage cradle, and two pulley blocks with rope attachment 

1780  An oak buffet, with inlaid composition top, fitted cupboard, shelves and drawer, 7 ft. 10, a deal luggage stand 7 ft. 9, and two teak two-tread gangway stairs with composition tops 

1781  Two oak erections of cupboards, etc., with pewter and brass banded tray tops, 4 ft. 6, a copper and brass cylinder water-heater, by Henry Wilson & Co., 16 in. high, three oak open wall brackets, four leathers and hooks, two four-way bell indicators, and two sets of metal letters “C Deck” 

1782  Four luggage trolleys, two brass cornice poles and fittings, four painted room notices, a cane chair with tapestry panels, a deal stool, and two folding card-tables 



1783  The inlaid Turkey pattern composition floor covering as planned to Port and Starboard sides, about 120 ft. by 33 ft. each side 

1784  Twenty-five ormolu electric top lights, with moulded hexagonal glass shades 

1785  A similar lot 

1786  Twenty-four ditto 

1787  Eight ormolu octagonal electric top lights, with moulded glass shades 

1788  A similar lot 

1789  A ditto 

1790  A ditto 

1791  A ditto 

1792  A ditto 

1793  A ditto 

1794  Two pairs of finely carved three-light electric wall appliqués of scroll design, with shell surmount and tasselled pendants, 2 ft. 6 high, and seven fancy composition shades 

1795  Nine oblong oak framed dining-tables, on painted iron columns and triple feet, with floor plates and screws, the fiddles for each, and the cloth coverings where fitted, 4 ft. 4, with floor plates and screws 

1796  Five similar tables, 4 ft. 

1797  Twelve ditto, 2 ft. 10 

1798  A similar lot 

1799  Ditto 

1800  Nine ditto, 3 ft. 10 

1801  A similar lot 

1802  Eight square ditto, 2 ft. 9 

1803  A similar lot 

1804  A ditto 

1805  A ditto 

1806  Four circular ditto, 4 ft. 2 diam., and two square ditto, 4 ft. 2, on double columns 

1807  A French walnut circular table, on reeded and tapered legs, 3 ft. 5 diam., and a ditto, 3 ft. 1 diam. 

1808  A pair of oak three-tier circular revolving hat and coat standards, with floor plates and screws 

1809  A length of 4 in. canvas fire hose, with screw clip connection and nozzle, about 26 yds. 




1810  An 8 ft. range of plate racks in numerous divisions, with shelf racks under, and a 5 ft. mahogany twenty-one division ditto, with 8 ft. dwarf dresser under 

1811  The patent tiling covering deck of Galleys, etc., about 250 square yards 

1812  The linoleum as partly laid, about 160 square yards, and fifty electric light fittings, mostly with bulbs 

1813  An 85 ft. length of canvas hose, with nozzle and fittings 

1814  A similar lot, and a spare length of hose



1815  An 8 ft. 9 white enamelled wooden fitment, in four divisions, forming glass cupboard, a 5 ft. ditto, and a 9 ft. dwarf dresser, with mahogany top 

1816  One hundred and twenty-five glass racks, with division 

1817  A 2 ft. 6 mahogany wall rack, with divisions, two oak drawers, and two others 



1818  The galvanized iron shelving as fitted, with perforated panelling, and railed standing board

1819  The similar fitment in Oyster Locker 



1829  An 8 ft. 6 brass and pewter fitment, forming Saloon Bar counter, on mahogany frame, with drawer and numerous bottle racks under, with soda fountain over  

1821  A 7 ft. range of mahogany wine cupboards enclosed by panelled doors, a 4 ft. 3 ditto, and a 2 ft. ditto  

1822  A 6 ft. mahogany desk with pedestal end fitted five drawers with brass handles, with a 6 ft. brass and lead fitting at end, and shelves under  

1823  A 2 ft. 6 mahogany cupboard, fitted shelves, with glazed doors, two stools with carpet tops, a standing board, and the linoleum as planned  

1824  An 8 ft. range of sparkling wine cabinets, with airtight doors and fitting, with dwarf cupboard over  

1825  A fireproof safe, by Edwards & Kershaw, of Boston, 30 in. by 24 in. by 22 in.   



1826  An 8 ft. mahogany fitment in two heights, forming silver cupboard, partly lined baize, and enclosed by sliding panelled doors 

1827  An 8 ft. dwarf cupboard, with shelves over, and four rails with hooks 



1828  A 13 ft. 6 dwarf dresser in mahogany, partly covered pewter, and fitted cold cupboards and drawers, and a 27 in. galvanized iron sink 

1829  A 6 ft. mahogany range of open shelves, with fittings, and a 5 ft. ditto 



1830  Three 9 ft. deal shelves as fitted, a 5 ft. mahogany desk fitment, a 5 ft. 9 mahogany shelf, a fall flap, and the linoleum as laid 



1831  A 5 ft. 9 deal four-tier baggage staging, in two divisions, a 6 ft. 3 ditto, with mahogany base, and enamelled wood cupboard at end 

1832  A 3 ft. 6 stained wood shelf, a ditto frame chair with leather seat, and the linoleum as planned 



1833  A 5 ft. 4 mahogany pedestal desk, fitted nine drawers, with plated fittings, and an office chair with seat pad in mauve rep 

1834  A 2 ft. mahogany cupboard, a 16 in. mahogany nest of stationery shelves, a key board with hinged front, a notice board, and an office chair 

1835  The linoleum as planned, a split-cane chair, a cocoa-fibre mat, two cushions in tapestry, and an unpolished wood shelf 



The cooking equipment, by Henry Wilson & Co., Ltd., of Cornhill Works, Liverpool, comprising:— 

1836  A 4 ft. 6 steel three-tier steam oven and fittings 

1837  A similar lot 

1838  A 26 ft. range of steam-heated hot-plates, in steel and copper, with pewter tops 

1839  A 28 ft. ditto, the centre with fitted tray, with deal and mahogany service rack attached 

1840  A 5 ft. by 2 ft. copper and brass-mounted three-division sink, with deal cover 

1841  A 4 ft. by 1 ft. 9 copper and brass-mounted sink, fitted three taps (Port) 

1842  A similar lot (Port) 

1843  A ditto (Starboard)

1844  A ditto (Starboard) 

1845  An 11 ft. 6 by 2 ft. 1 dwarf side serving table, copper and brass with pewter top, on wood supports and fitted cupboards (Port) 

1846  Two 9 ft. ditto (Starboard) 

1847  Two 6 ft. 9 ditto, similarly fitted (Port) 

1848  A 27 ft. return end ditto centre service dresser, similarly fitted, with ice safes under (Port) 

1849  A similar lot (Starboard) 

1850  A 9 ft. 6 dresser, similarly fitted, and a 6 ft. ditto cupboard 

1851  A 3 ft. 6 mahogany cupboard, with plate rack over, and two 2 ft. 6 ditto plate racks 

1852  A 7 ft. dwarf cupboard on stained wood frame, with a 5 ft. 6 chest over 

1853  A 5 ft. brass and pewter top dwarf dresser, with drawers and cupboards, and a 3 ft. 9 ditto cupboard 

1854  Two 5 ft. mahogany eighteen-division plate racks, two twenty four division ditto, and a thirty-six ditto cupboard 

1855  Three Atlantic copper tea and hot water urns, by HENRY WILSON & Co., Cornhill Works, Liverpool, and fittings 

1856  A similar lot 

1857  A 13 in. urn stand, with pewter top and pans, drain pans and fittings

1858  Four 18 in. copper egg boilers and fittings, by DUPARQUET HUET & MOREUSE, New York 

1859  Two 5 ft. brass and pewter top dwarf dresser, as fitted 

1860  A 4 ft. 6 ditto, with 3 ft. 6 side shelf 

1861  A 3 ft. 6 unpolished mahogany cupboard, with side casing as fitted, and two 6 ft. 6 deal tables on trestle frames 

1862  Two 3 ft. 6 deal square-shaped tray rack stands, as fitted, a 3 ft. ditto, a wooden kosher box, and two buckets 

1863  A 2 ft. 3 painted wood open cupboard, with nine trays, a 5 ft. deal fall flap, and two ship’s notice boards 

1864  A 21 in. copper electric urn and fittings, five 2 ft. Prometheus patent electric heaters, and a 21 in. enamelled iron sink 

1865  A 4 ft. mahogany lofty cupboard and fittings, a 4 ft. 6 ditto silver cupboard, with open shelves under 

1866  A small stained wood table, three pairs of steps, two buckets, a carpet sweeper, two boards, three standing boards, and a frame 

1867  Four 5 ft. rubber and wood-bound mats, a 3 ft. mahogany bin, and two fall flaps 

1868  A 5 ft. enamelled wood lofty cupboard, with doors and ventilation panels, and eight mahogany rails with cup hooks 

1869  A mahogany switch cupboard, two baize-lined notice boards, and six frames, various 

1870  A 2 h.p. electric motor, with belting and wire guard 



1871  A 9 ft. 6 dwarf cupboard, a 6 ft. 3 dwarf dresser with side shelving, and an oak twenty-one division plate rack 

1872  Two 3 ft. iron sinks and fittings, a garbage shoot, a 2 ft. metal tray, and a wire scoop 

1873  A 12 ft. 6 deal shelf, three standing boards, and a 3 ft. deal slope shelving as fitted, and two loose shelves 

1874  A patent plate-washing machine, by HENRY WILSON & Co., Cornhill Works, Liverpool, with galvanized casing, electrical attachment, 3 h.p. motor, and loose trays for same 

1875  A patent knife-cleaning machine, with electric attachment and belting, and a 1 h.p. motor as fitted 

1876  A 1 h.p. electric motor as fitted 

1877  A “New Rapid” ice-breaking machine, and fittings 



The cooking equipment, by HENRY WILSON & Co. Ltd., of Cornhill Works, Liverpool, comprising:— 

1878  A 3 ft. 9 steam oven and fittings 

1879  A similar lot 

1880  A ditto 

1881  A 4 ft. 6 double coal oven and fittings, with cylinder fronts 

1882  A similar lot 

1883  A 25 ft. by 7 ft. centre range, fitted numerous ovens, dish racks, and hood over 

1884  Two 2 ft. 6 electric toasters and grills with equipment, and a 26 ft. by 4 ft. side range, with rack over

1885  Two 6 ft. 6 by 2 ft. 6 hot plates, steam heated 

1886  Two 5 ft. by 2 ft. ditto, a 4 ft. by 2 ft. ditto, and a 3 ft. grill 

1887  Two 27 in. (outside measurement) coppers and fittings 

1888  A similar lot 

1889  A ditto 

1890  A 13 ft. dresser or table, with pewter top, on wood frame, fitted shelves and drawers

1891  A 10 ft. 3 ditto 

1892  An 8 ft. 3 ditto, with metal top, and a 7 ft. 3 ditto, with wood top, and fitted drawers and cupboards 

1893  A 6 ft. ditto, with wood top, and two 5 ft. ditto 

1894  A 7 ft. vegetable table, with metal top, and a 10 ft. fitted dresser, with zinc top 

1895  A 7 ft. 6 lofty oak cupboard, enclosed by panelled doors, with fall flap at end 

1896  A chef’s desk, in stained wood, and a 3 ft. office stool 

1897  A 6 ft. iron double sink, a 2 ft. single ditto with taps, a garbage shoot, a 7 ft. 6 painted metal eighteen-division rack, and a 5 ft. twelve-division rack 

1898  A 4 ft. 6 stained wood two-division ice chest, a marble mortar in wooden frame, two patent fire extinguishers, seven boards, and a 6 ft. hemp mat 

1899  A 2 ft. copper stock pot, and two 2 ft. copper receptacles 

1900  The patent tiling, as laid to deck, about 300 square yards 



1901  A 3 ft. mahogany wall desk, fitted two drawers, brass handles, and writing slide over, a 2 ft. ditto wall cupboard, a 3 ft. ditto table, with two fall flaps, and a window frame and fittings with Muranese glass panel 

1902  The fitment of a settee with hair squab in tapestry, three notice boards, a key board, two loose drawers, a stool, and a chopping board 



1903  An 11 ft. wooden dwarf dresser, with shelves under and perforated zinc and tray 

1904  An 8 ft. range of open head shelves in compartments, dwarf shelves and fittings 



1905  A Perkins patent ships bread oven and fittings 

1906  A similar lot

1907  A 5 ft. cooking range, by HENRY WILSON & Co., of Liverpool, with 3 ft. 6 patent ovens at end, and fittings 

1908  An iron coal bunker, a ditto shelf, and three standing boards 



1909  A 7 ft. dwarf dresser with steel top, having four drawers and shelf under, and an 8 ft. 6 deal ditto 

1910  Two 3 ft. 6 iron sinks, one with wood casing, and one iron draining-board and a garbage shoot 



1911  A quantity of tin and other cooking utensils, buckets, mops, and sundries 

1912  A similar lot

1913  A ditto 

1914  A ditto

1915  A ditto

1916  A ditto 

1917  A ditto 

1918  A ditto 

1919  A ditto 

1920  A ditto 

1921  A ditto 

1922  A ditto 

1923  A quantity of cook’s knives and small moulds 



1924  A 7 ft. 6 cooking range as fitted, with rack and hood over, and sundry stoking irons 

1925  A 12 ft. 6 range of dwarf dressers, with metal top, fitted six drawers, shelves and cupboard 

1926  A 2 ft. copper, by HENRY WILSON & Co. LTD., Liverpool, and fittings, a 3 ft. iron sink, and a 2 ft. glazed ware sink 

1927  The patent tiling forming the deck of Side Galleys, Chef’s Office, etc., about 50 square yards 

1928  Sixty electric light fittings in foregoing Galleys, etc., with bulbs and guards 

1929  [There is no lot 1929 in the original catalogue.] 

1930  The oak door to Chef’s Larder, with Taylor’s patent fittings, the door to Chef’s Office, and a mahogany panel by Coal Cellar 



1931  A 27 ft. range of steam-heated hot-plates, by HENRY WILSON and Co., LTD., Cornhi1l Works, Liverpool, in steel and copper, with pewter tops, with fittings 

1932  A 19 ft. 6 by 4 ft. centre table, with lead and brass top, on stained wood frame, fitted numerous drawers and cupboards beneath, hung sliding doors 

1933  The fitments of two copper sinks, with draining trays, 11 ft. overall, having lead and brass tops, four brass taps and drainers 

1934  A 2 ft. 6 by 1 ft. 8 copper and brass-bound deep sink as fitted, with three brass taps and lead draining board 

1935  A similar lot 

1936  An ice-breaking machine, with 7½ h.p. electric motor, casing and fittings complete 

1937  Three Atlantic copper hot water, tea and coffee urns, by HENRY WILSON, of Liverpool, with fittings 

1938  A similar lot

1939  A 6 ft. 6 by 2 ft. steel and brass top table by HENRY WILSON, of Liverpool, with undershelving 

1940  An 11 ft. by 2 ft. ditto, on wooden supports 

1941  Three 18 in. patent hot water egg boilers, by DUPARQUET HUET, New York, and fittings, and one ditto, by HENRY WILSON, of Liverpool 

1942  A 23 in. copper stockpot or boiler, with brass tap and fittings 

1943  An 8 ft. wood fitment of ice cabinet, enclosed by three full-length doors and wood casing at end, with tap 

1944  A 2 ft. 6 stout wood chopping-table, three long loose trays, two boards, and a stool 

1945  Two metal bins and a chopping-board, sixteen small boards, and thirteen rails, with cup hooks as fitted 

1946  Two electric heaters, by DOUSING 

1947  The patent tiling as laid to Service, about 550 feet super 



1948  A 10 ft. dwarf dresser as fitted, with end drawers, a 4 ft. rough table, and the deep shelf as fitted 

1949  A patent knife cleaner, with electric equipment, 1 h.p. motor, and belting and guard 

1950  The “Enterprise” patent coffee grinder 



1951  An 18 ft. run of four-tier splined shelving as fitted, three drawers, and three plate holders 



1952  A 7 ft. fitment of dwarf dresser, with pewter and brass top, having wood cupboard and drawers under, with 27 in. enamelled iron sink at end, with brass taps 

1953  A 9 ft. wood range of glass cupboards, in four divisions, with loose shelving 



1954  A 9 ft. 6 run forming dwarf dresser, with pewter and brass bound top, fitted baize-lined drawers and under-shelves 

1955  A 9 ft. 6 range of stained wood cupboards, in two heights, with interior fittings, enclosed by panelled doors 



1956  A 37 ft. run, forming serving dresser, with numerous divisions and plate sink, enclosed by enamelled wood sliding panelled doors, and unpolished wood top 

1957  Two 6 ft. 6 high enamelled and panelled wood screens, with mahogany frames, one fitted baize-covered notice board 

1958  A 7 ft. 6 by 1 ft. 6 solid wood wall shelf, and a 17 ft. 6 fall flap on iron brackets, and two stout wood tables, 6 ft. and 5 ft. long 

1959  A 5 ft. enamelled wood larder cupboard, with metal trellis panel, and 3 ft. lofty store cupboard 

1960  Five notice boards, glazed, a baize-lined board, and a patent fire extinguisher 

1961  Five panelled mahogany electric meter and switch cupboards, a glazed bell indicator, and eighteen electric fittings, with bulbs, shades and guards 

1962  The patent tiling as fitted to Alleyways, Stores, Bakery and Kosher Galley, about 150 square yards 



1963  A 4 ft. 6 unpolished wood fitment of dwarf dresser cupboard, a 4 ft. 3 ditto, fitted two drawers, and a 7 ft. sink fitment, with open shelves and fitted, 26 in., enamelled iron sink, with two brass taps 

1964  A 3 ft. pine cupboard, fitted four shelves, a flour bin, standing board, and framed mirror, and the shelving as fixed 

1965  An electric mixer, with Allen, Son and Co.’s 1 h.p. electric motor, with belting and wire guard 



1966  A 9 ft. wide ice cabinet, with interior fittings, enclosed by three doors 

1967  Two 3 ft. steel sinks, each fitted two brass taps, and a 15 ft. butcher’s steel table and fittings 

1968  A 1 h.p. electric motor, with belting and guard 

1969  A 6 ft. by 2 ft. 6 butcher’s elm top table, with under-tier, two chopping boards, eleven meat hooks, standing board, camp stool, and two stools, and the wood battens as fixed 



1970  Two 4 ft. 10 wide elm flour troughs, as fitted, with hinged lids 

1971  A 13 ft. 9 solid wood fitment in two sections, forming dwarf dresser, with seven drawers, brass handles, and cupboards under, having sliding doors 

1972  A 5 ft. 6 by 4 ft. 6 baker’s elm top table, with splined under-tier 

1973  A 4 ft. 6 wide enamelled wood lofty bread cupboard, fitted shelves, a bread trolley on wheels, and four pastry boards 

1974  A 5 ft. wide steam-heated double proving cupboard, by HENRY WILSON AND Co., LTD., Liverpool, in painted steel, with shelves and fittings 

1975  Two galvanized steel bread racks in eighteen divisions, a 4 ft. 6 ditto cupboard frame, two forms, and a 2 ft. flour bin, with hinged lid, and a 22 in. enamelled wood cupboard 

1976  A 6 ft. fitment of confectioner’s safe, with inner shelves 

1977  A 3 ft. galvanized iron sink, with three brass taps, a teak draining board and a large bucket 

1978  A 6 ft. 6 pastrycook’s table, fitted three drawers, with marble slab, a 6 ft. 3 dwarf cupboard, with sliding panels, and a 3 ft. pastry cabinet and fittings, and the shelves as fitted 

1979  An electric dough mixer, with revolving drum and cistern, having a 4 h.p. electric motor by W.H. ALLEN & Co., Ltd., Bedford, with belting and wire guard

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