Luxury Liner Row  A must-see site if you're interested in ocean-liner memorabilia.  Filled with lots of great items for sale!



Olympic & Titanic

Marconigraph  Parks Stephenson has gathered articles by some of the biggest names in ocean-liner research.

Titanic Book Site  Michael Tennaro has done an amazing job of cataloging English-language books about Titanic.  

Titanic-Titanic  Andrew Clarkson's great web site about all things Titanic.

Mark Chirnside's Reception Room  An very well-researched site concentrating on unusual/misunderstood aspects of the great Atlantic liners.  



R.M.S. Caronia  A site by Brian Hawley dedicated to the Caronia and the Olympic.  Well worth a visit.

Caribia  An unique page covering the wreck and salvage of Caronia at Guam.



Other links

MidShipCentury  Ocean-liner historian Peter Knego has traveled to the other side of the world to rescue hundreds of treasures from ships that are ending their long careers on the far-away beaches of India.

Great Ships  Jeff Newman's fantastic site of ocean liner postcards.  The narrative is provided by Mark Baber.

Alternative Visions   A wonderful site for anyone interested in the RMS Queen Mary.

SS United States Conservancy  A site dedicated to saving America's most famous liner.

SS United States  A site for the famous s.s. United States.

SS United States  Another fine s.s. United States site.

Australis  An interesting site about the career and wreck of the s.s. America.

Unofficial Holland-America Page  An extremely well done and comprehensive site about the Holland America Line. 

Lost Liners  The PBS site for the book and documentary Lost Liners.  An ocean liner site in German.  Lots of great photos and information.

Tempus Publishing has a wide range of great ocean-liner books.


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