R.M.S. Lusitania


Belching clouds of black smoke, Lusitania begins her journey down the Clyde.

A photo of the ship on her trials, later turned into a memorial card.

Lusitania arrives at Liverpool just after her trials.

Lusitania enters dry dock for the first time.

Here the liner is seen at one of the Cunard buoys in the Sloyne.

Assisted by tugs, Lusitania backs out of the tidal dock in Liverpool.

Lusitania is docked at the Prince's Landing Stage.  In the background, the Royal Liver Building is under construction.

Lying in the Mersey, the liner is about to tie up at one of the Cunard buoys.  Note that her starboard anchor has been removed.


All images courtesy of the Eric Sauder Collection unless otherwise noted.



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