S.S. Rotterdam V 1959-1997


A wonderful stern view of the Rotterdam in dry dock in Portland, Oregon, in 1996.

A superb bow view of her during her final dry docking as the Rotterdam.

Even at 27 years old, she still looks as new as the day she entered service.

Replacing a propeller after cleaning.

Both propellers reattached.  Note how they shine.

The dry docking is nearly complete, and the ship will soon be returned to service.

At anchor off a tropical island during a world cruise.

During an April, 1997, crossing from Civitavecchia, Italy, to the United States, the fury of the North Atlantic makes itself known.  This was her final transatlantic as the Rotterdam.



S.S. Rembrandt 1997-2000


A portrait of the former Rotterdam as Premier Cruise Lines s.s. Rembrandt.



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